Mark this down as one of my current hot button topics!

Nestle is working diligently to expand its USA water stealing operations. Yes, I said stealing because paying pennies for thousands of gallons of water is stealing. And many of us are working just as hard to stop them.

The surprising thing here is not that they are doing it, but that they are getting away with it. I would have expected to find local officials approving these huge water withdrawals getting some sort of “payback” benefit for themselves or their towns. But no, many local communities have just given such favorable terms to Nestle for so little payback that they would be nuts not to take them. For Nestle, its like printing money as they sell it back to us for 1000% markups.

Unfortunately all the water Nestle is taking from North America and redistributing around the world is not coming back. And that means that it will not be here in the future for our use. As the populations increase, water will become more scarce worldwide. It is time for our government to start giving this issue the attention it deserves by protecting one of our most precious commodities : water.

Water, It’s #2!  (right behind air) and worth fighting for!