Like many others, I attended one of the local Women’s March gatherings on January 21st here in Michigan.

Unlike the controversy that surrounded the Washington March after some sub groups verbally argued against inclusion of other groups, notably pro-life groups, we saw nothing here but a large undivided crowd celebrating progress and pushing for more.

But this Washington “disconnect” keeps coming back to mind as it is indicative of a trend i have seen over the last few years. The continuing focus of the left on very specific topics shows me that they still have not learned one of the main lessons that the Trump election taught us: don’t miss the forest for the trees.

While I don’t want to lessen the importance of the fight for justice and inclusion that people have waged for some of our least represented groups, to do so to the exclusion of the greatest percentage of people, who have their own issues and pain is obviously not a winning strategy for elections.

Lets hope this year shows that start of a new balanced approach to progress, where voices of all sides and positions are heard.